ShowChrome 20-127 - ADJUSTABLE GL1800 XL WIND (New)

ADJUSTABLE GL1800 XL WIND (New) 20-127

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PARE-BRISE AJUSTABLE FLIP Pour GL1800 Goldwing 2001-, Ajuste 15" à 25 ", Fabriqué aux Etats-Unis

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  • ADJUSTABLE GL1800 XL WIND (New) 20-127
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20-127 - ADJUSTABLE GL1800 XL WIND (New)

Big Bike Parts® market leading Adjustable Flip Baggershield™ Windshield for the GL1800 Goldwing just got taller. A 5” taller Adjustable Flip Windshield is now available for GL1800 Goldwing. This dual use windshield is perfect for a trip aroundtown or quickly turning into a taller touring windshield. A short tinted lower shield provides everyday protection with over the top visibility. With a quick twist of three thumb attachments, you can flip the clear taller panel into place and make afull touring windshield for those times you need it. This versatility makes these windshields a perfect touring or around town choice. Made from 3/16” DOT optically clear Lucite® Acrylic these shields provide years of proven performance. Fits the2001 - 2015 GL1800 Goldwing with a low 9 ½” to a raised 26” windshield. Made in the USA.

ADJUSTABLE FLIP WINDSHIELD, By Baggershield 3/16" Lucite, For GL1800 Goldwing 2001-, Adjusts 15" to 25", Made in USA 
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