Kuryakyn 579 - TC-24D CAM FOR 07-13 TC AND 06-13 DYNA

TC-24D CAM FOR 07-13 TC AND 06-13 DYNA 579

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Kuryakyn 579 CAMS FOR TWIN CAM TC-24D 07-13 TC 06-13 DYNA

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  • TC-24D CAM FOR 07-13 TC AND 06-13 DYNA 579

The bolt-in cam for late model Harley Davidson's! The results are staggering when combined with the award winning Perfect Storm. Power delivery is strong & consistent throughout the rev range, while idle & cruise are silky smooth.

Most cams trade low-end power and torque for upper horsepower or top-end performance for low-end torque. Küryakyn's Wild Things® Cams are finessed to give wide usable power-bands with strong low end, big torque, high horsepower and extended RPM ranges. Low noise and long valve train life are also features built into their Cams. No other cams on the market can replicate the results of Wild Things® Cams, period!

All new grind designed for the 07 and later (06 Dyna and later) Twin Cam 96, 103,
and 110.
a bolt in cam designed to give good power from bottom end to top end. A very



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