J&M JMCB-GL15 - 1500 CB/Weather Radio Kit

1500 CB/Weather Radio Kit

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1500 CB/Weather Radio Kit

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  • 1500 CB/Weather Radio Kit

A complete JMCB-2003 installation/integration kit for Honda GL-1500. This new 40-channel CB/Weather radio kit integrates with the factory-installed Honda audio system exactly as the Honda CB did for this model. The unique, J&M-designed, mounting bracket allows for the correct position of the unit over the handlebars to allow easy access to the PTT lever, even while holding in the clutch. You can switch the CB receive audio to the fairing speakers or to the helmet headsets by using the bracket-mounted control switch. This CB addition does NOT change the type of headsets and/or headset hook-up cords required for the GL-1500 as this unit just plugs into the back of the Honda stereo/intercom system and has no impact on the standard 5-pin headset leads that were included with these Gold Wing motorcycles. This kit includes everything you need to mount the JMCB radio on your GL-1500 and integrate it with the factory installed audio system, with the exception of the CB antenna, which is a separate item that is available from your local Honda dealers.



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