ShowChrome 10-1625 - LED MR16 AMPOULE DE REMPLACEMENT (Nouveau)


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LED MR16 REPLACEMENT BULB, 7 Watt 12 volt 4000K, 400 Lumens Bi-Pin (GU5.3) Base, Non-dimmable Hi Output LED

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  • LED MR16 AMPOULE DE REMPLACEMENT (Nouveau) 10-1625

This high-output, high-intensity Litespan LED from Big Bike Parts is an easily installed replacement for your halogen MR16 lights. LED’s operate at a lower temperature and power load than halogen with an average 25,000 hours of use. Thisminiature LED reflector bulb produces 400 Lumens from its 12 volt 7 watt 6 LED output with a bright white 4000k color output. These non-dimmable Litespan LED’s fit all standard MR16 Bi-Pin GU5.3 bases. Their concentrated beam angle of 20° puts morelight down the road in front of you for true driving light capability. Replaces all Big Bike Parts MR16 Halogen bulbs as used in its 16-104A, 2-542, 52-757 and Mini Driving Light kits. Also now available in Big Bike Parts Mini Driving Lights withbuilt in visors. These die cast chrome universal LED lights are 3 ¾” long with a 2 3/8” diameter that can mount to existing light bars with their 8mm mount.
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