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MINI BLACK LED GL1800 2001-10 (New) 52-757LBK

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BLACK MINI LED KIT, 2 3/8 "400 LUMENS / 4000K LED, Pour GL1800 2001-10, Peut interférer avec certains signaux AM / FM

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  • MINI BLACK LED GL1800 2001-10 (New) 52-757LBK
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MINI BLACK LED GL1800 2001-10 (New)

With black satin quite often being seen as the new chrome for some applications, Big Bike Parts® now offers its top selling Litespan LED lights in black satin finish for the Honda Goldwing. It’s the same 2 3/8’’ die cast light with a built invisor that Big Bike Parts® has been making for over 14 years with over 12,000 motorcyclists taking advantage of this compact assembly, but now in black satin finish with 400 lumen LED. The 20° angle concentrated beam puts the bright white 4000koutput down the road where it can improve visibility. Comes with all required components for mounting including: mounting brackets, electronic isolated wiring harness, relay and switch. The non-dimmable LED may interfere with some weak AM/FM stationreception. For the Honda Goldwing.

BLACK MINI LED KIT, 2 3/8" 400 LUMENS/4000K LED, For GL1800 2001-10, May interfere with some AM/FM signals 

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